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PMMI Media Group has reviewed and curated a targeted list of exhibitors and content on packaging & processing sustainability. Click on the buttons on the left side to narrow the list of exhibitors. Also be sure to check out the sustainability-related educational sessions at the show, as well as how we are making the show itself more sustainable.

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Beyond the package

Monoflo International, Inc
Booth #N-6713
Monoflo will showcase its reusable packaging products, including plastic pallets, bulk containers, distribution totes, bread trays and dollies, dairy crates, hand held straight wall containers, and AS/RS trays and containers.
Food contact false

Source reduced, Rigid containers, Pallets & Transport

Moorim P&P CO., LTD
Booth #N-23028
Moorim P&P Co will promote its low-carbon, eco-friendly pulp paper products.
Food contact true

PCR contact, Recyclable, Fiber-based, Flexibles, Food contact

Moquin Press
Booth #N-5978
Moquin Press will display its eco-conscious packaging like the Tree Free Paper initiative that includes biodegradable paper options made of sugarcane fibers.
Food contact true

Compostable,  Bio-based, Fiber-based, Food contact

Morris Packaging
Booth #N-8818
Morris Packaging will showcase its standard quad seal bags, fold and glue bottom bags, terminated gusset bags with zippers, and fold and glue bottoms and box style pouches in compostable and recycle-ready options.
Food contact true

Flexibles, Recyclable, Food contact, Compostable, Sustainable facilities

Movitec Americas
Booth #LU-7947
Movitec will highlight its high-performance rotary ring pallet baling machines that boast a minimum efficiency of 95%, optimal film consumption, minimum energy consumption and reduced maintenance.
Food contact false


Multi-Color Corporation
Booth #N-5104
Multi-Color Corporation will showcase its various available labels including its linerless label, monolayer labels, and RecycLABEL®, a solution recognized by the APR (Association of Plastic Recyclers). It was created to make labels compatible with the PET recycling process.
Food contact false

Flexibles, Recyclable, Sustainable Facilities

NOW Plastics
Booth #LU-8821
NOW Plastics will show its line of environmentally friendly films, including PCR content films, compostable films, bio-based resins, & biodegradable plastics.
Food contact true

Compostable, Bio-based, Fiber-based, Food contact

NPS Holdings
Booth #W-25039
NPS will showcase its 100% sustainable protective and insulated packaging – a natural alternative to plastic packaging that is made from 100% recycled inputs and 100% curbside recyclable materials.
Food contact false

PCR  content, Recyclable, Pallets & Transport

Nefab Packaging, Inc
Booth #N-27029
Nefab Packaging will promote its sustainable packaging solutions including returnable packaging and fiber-based shipping solutions.
Food contact false

Rigid containers, Pallets & Transport, Source reduced, Sustainable facilities, Fiber-based

Nimco Corp.
Booth #S-1509
NiMCO will highlight its that it is the predominant independent manufacturer of environmentally friendly paperboard gable top packaging machinery systems.
Food contact true

Machinery, Fiber-based, Food contact

Nissha USA
Booth #W-24034
Nissha USA will highlight its environmentally-friendly products such as deposited paper with metallic luster and printability, and molded products mainly made from plant-derived materials.
Food contact true

Fiber-based, Bio-based, Food contact

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions
Booth #N-25061
Nordic Cold Solutions will showcase its recyclable gel packs that use only food-safe packaging within meal kit market, which reduces overall waste by eliminating necessary barriers between the gel packs and the shipped food.
Food contact true

Rigid containers, Recyclable, Pallets & Transport, Food contact

Nucycle Energy
Booth #LU-8965
Nucycle Energy will discuss its waste mangement capabilities, as well as its turnkey alternative fuel solution capable of replacing fossil fuels as the primary fuel used in energy intensive industries.
Food contact false

Sustainable facilities

Omnia Packaging
Booth #W-28018
Omnia will display its food packaging in both paper and plastic formats for Canadian produce growers & packers, dairy producers and confectionery manufacturers. The company will also highlight the Mustang Paper Trays, a category leader in eco-sustainable food packaging that transforms virgin paper in 100% recyclable paper trays.
Food contact true

Food contact, Recyclable, Fiber-based

Booth #N-4258
PACK 3000 will promote its Recyclable Flat Skin paper-based package that is 80% recyclable.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Flexibles, Food contact, fiber-based

PAXTON, An ITW Air Management Company
Booth #N-5117
PAXTON will showcase its Ionized Air System that incorporates powerful ionization and uses 80% less energy than compressed air drying & blow off systems.
Food contact true

Source reduced, E-commerce, Rigid containers, Food contact

PPC Flexible Packaging
Booth #N-4139
PPC Flexible Packaging will showcase its sustainable flexible packaging solutions including its compostable Bio-Pouch and Earth-Pack that is a fully recyclable.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Flexibles, Source reduced, Sustainable facilities, Food contact, Compostable, Bio-based

Booth #N-6748
PTM will showcase its sustainable plastic pallets, baskets, and crates for all markets.
Food contact false

Recyclable, Rigid containers, Sustainable facilities, Pallets & Transport

Packsize International, LLC
Booth #N-3190
Packsize International will promote its on-demand packaging solutions that leverages right-sizing, which requires less corrugated fiberboard, removes or reduces the need for void filler, improves less-than-full-case average cube utilization, and reduces the overall carbon footprint.
Food contact false

Source reduced, Rigid containers, E-commerce, Sustainable facilities

Paperboard Packaging Solutions
Booth #W-23047
Paperboard Packaging Solutions will show its ECORR® Crate that meets or exceeds the strength of a standard wood crate but is lighter, more cost-effective, and 100% recyclable.
Food contact false

Pallets & Transport, Fiber-based, Recyclable

Peel Plastic Products, Ltd
Booth #N-3936
Peel Plastic will be presenting its flexible packaging solutions including the Think Green portfolio, which includes bio-polyethylene, post-consumer recycled materials and fully recyclable options.
Food contact true

Recyclable, PCR content, Bio-based, Food contact, Flexibles

Booth #W-24033
Placon will highlight its EcoStar® post-consumer recycled PET material option that is a 100% recyclable product made with up to 90% curbside collected PET bottles and thermoforms, as well as its own onsite recycling facility that repurposes water/soda bottles into new packaging.
Food contact true

Sustainable facilities, PCR content, Recyclable, Food contact, Rigid containers

Plastic Packaging Technologies
Booth #N-4143
Plastic Packaging will promote its sustainable flexible packing products, including made from recycled plastics, renewable materials, and recyclable options.
Food contact true

Food contact, Recyclable, Source reduced, Flexibles, Sustainable facilities

Point Five Packaging
Booth #S-4366
Point Five Packaging will display its recyclable and compostable plastic/paper/aluminum trays.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Food contact, Bio-based

Polyfuze Graphics Corporation
Booth #N-6932
Polyfuze Graphics will be presenting its Polyfuze Fusion Labeling Technology that provides less waste and is 100% recyclable at end of life.
Food contact false

Recyclable, Flexibles, Source reduced, Sustainable facilities

Polymer Solutions International, Inc
Booth #N-6744
Polymer Solutions will be showcasing its reusable material handling products for various industries.
Food contact false

Recyclable, PCR content, Source reduced, Trays, Pallets & Transport

Polypack, Inc
Booth #N-2147
Polypack will showcase its Bio-Shrink Films, using biodegradable plastics.
Food contact true

Biodegradable, Bioplastics, Food contact, Flexibles, Recyclable

Polyplex USA, LLC
Booth #N-8740
Polyplex will promote its polyester and sustainable films inclduing source reduced, PCR, bio-based, and biodegradable.
Food contact false

Recyclable, PCR content, Biodegradable, Bio-based, Source reduced, Sustainable facilities, Flexibles

Portco Packaging
Booth #N-8454
Porto will be showcasing its new line of sustainable flexible options, called EarthGuard, which includes bio, recycle ready, compostable & PCR solutions.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Flexibles, PCR content, Bio-based, Food contact, Compostable, Sustainable facilities

Pregis, LLC
Booth #N-22029
Pregis will promote its EverTec™ padded curbside recyclable mailer as well as its line of eco-friendly packaging that uses recycled content.
Food contact false

Recyclable, E-commerce, Flexibles, Sustainable facilities

Booth #N-1722
Printpack will display its various sustainable packaging solutions including rigid containers made from curbside PCR, and recyclable pouches, rollstock, and containers.
Food contact true

Recyclable,  Flexibles, Food contact, Rigid containers, compostable

Priority Plastics
Booth #W-26001
Priority Plastics will display its ECO ine, which delivers a multi-layer, sustainable product with the same integrity and durability as its standard containers.
Food contact true

Food contact, Rigid containers, Source reduced

Quib Packaging
Booth #N-22056
Quib Packaging will promote its functional grinders for salts and spices, made of 100% recyclable material.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Food contact, PCR content

Booth #N-25050
RECO CO will promote its "AIRXEN BOX", an environmenally friendly inflatable thermal insulated packaging box using air from nature. This improves environmental problems such as unrecyclable materials, volume of waste, and pollution.
Food contact false

Source reduced, Rigid containers, Sustainable facilities

Booth #N-22051
Ranpack will showcase its paper-based protective packaging that are all renewable, biodegradable, and curbside recyclable.
Food contact false

Biodegradable, Recyclable, Rigid containers, E-commerce

Re-cre8 Recycling
Booth #N-23017
Re-cre8 Recycling will promote its general and industrial plastic recycling services that provide smart and efficient recycling solutions to America’s waste problems.
Food contact false

Sustainable facilities

Rehrig Pacific Company
Booth #N-2826
Rehrig Pacific Company will showcase its sturdy roll-out carts & bins made from up to 40% recycled plastic without sacrificing strength or appearance.
Food contact false

PCR content, Rigid containers

Booth #W-25073
Revolution will display its recycled plastic polymers for its customer's PE resin needs, as well as specialty films.
Food contact true

Flexibles, Food contact, Recyclables, Sustainable facilities

SK Chemical Americas
Booth #W-26077
SK Chemical will highlight eco-friendly materials (both recyclable, bio-based) for use in the healthcare industry.
Food contact true

Food contact, Recyclable, Bio-based

SMC Corporation of America
Booth #N-3982
SMC Corporation will showcase its pneumatics and industrial automation (energy-saving) components made in an environmentally friendly factory and consistantly save energy while being produced.
Food contact false

Machinery, Sustainable facilities, Source reduced, Rigid containers

Schoeller Allibert USA
Booth #N-6820
Schoeller Allibert will promote its plastic "returnable transport packaging" (RTP) containers, which provide reusable, sustainable packaging solutions to a variety of industries including food and beverage processors, agriculture, automotive, retail and e-tail fulfillment providers, automated warehousing, and industrial manufacturing.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Food contact, Sustainable facilities, Pallets & Transport, Rigid containers, E-commerce

Scholle IPN
Booth #N-8137
Scholle IPN will be showcasing its recyclable film technology that supports recyclability of pouch and bag-in-box packaging formats.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Sustainable facilities, Food contact, Flexibles

Schreiner MediPharm
Booth #N-15047
Schreiner MediPharm will promote its high-tech labels that will include the "Integrated Sustainability" label on the products to indicate the label is made with recycled products, or is recyclable, reduced sources used, and/or was created in a climate neutral facility.
Food contact false

Recyclable, Sustainable facilities, Flexibles

Sealstrip Corporation
Booth #N-5224
Sealstrip Corporation will showcase its NEW FreshPak BARRIER PLUS System on a Purpak flowwrapper and the NEW Recyclable VerdeSeal material on a Matrix VFFS.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Source reduced, Sustainable facilities, Flexibles, Food contact

Selig Group
Booth #N-4961
Selig Group will be showcasing its flexible packaging solutions that feature sustainable alternatives for all common single and high barrier multi-layer materials for food, pharmaceutical or technical applications.
Food contact false

PCR content, Bio-based, Flexibles, Recyclable, Source reduced, Sustainable facilities

Serim B&G Co., Ltd
Booth #N-21019
Serim B&G Co will be showcasing its biodegradable food packaging, including straws, and biodegradable film products.
Food contact true

Biodegradable, Flexibles, Food contact, Bio-based, Sustainable facilities

Smart Karton
Booth #W 24036
Smart Karton will display its Retention Pack, sustainable solution for replacing EPS foam & foam-in-place inserts, that is 100% paper.
Food contact false

Fiber-based, E-commerce, Recyclable

Smart Plastic Technologies
Booth #N-23046
Smart Plastic Technologies will be showcasing its SPTek ECLIPSE™ Stretch Film that is 100% recyclable and will completely bio-assimilate within 6–24 months, and its SPTek ECLIPSE™ Straw that will completely bio-assimilate into nothing more than CO2, water, and biomass, resulting in zero microplastics.
Food contact false

Flexibles, Recyclable, Biodegradable, Sustainable facilites

Booth #N-1640, 18020
Sonoco will be promoting its all-paper blister packaging, cans made from 100% recycled paperboard, as well as mono-material flexible pouches.
Food contact true

Food contact, Flexibles, Recyclable, Rigid containers, PCR content, Source reduced

Spirax Sarco
Booth #N-18038
Spirax Sarco will be showcasing its natural steam technology powered by biomass steam boilers.
Food contact false

Bio-based, Sustainable facilities, Machinery

Spring- Fill
Booth #W-22077
Spring-Fil will highlight its eco-friendly void fill that starts with sustainable paper and the perfect balance of recycled content. In our custom color-capable Ink Kitchen, our paper is infused with ultra-vivid, non-toxic dyes that ensure Spring-Fill® is as environmentally safe as it is pet- and people-safe.
Food contact false

Fiber-based, PCR content, Recyclable

Stephen Gould Corporation
Booth #N-25022
Stephen Gould will promote its reusable stojo cup, with packaging that is 100% recyclable.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Sustainable facilities, Food contact, Flexibles

Storopack, Inc
Booth #N-22001
Storopack will be showcasing its protective packaging made from renewable raw resources and bio-plastics.
Food contact false

Recyclable, PCR content, Bio-based, Fiber-based, Flexibles, Biodegradable, Source reduced

Booth #LU-6861
Surgere will highlight its sustainability solutions to reduce your carbon footprint by organizing transportation routes, right-sizing trailers, and sending accurate shipments.
Food contact false

Pallets & Transports, Sustainable facilities

Südpack Oak Creek Corporation
Booth #N-4137
Südpack will promote its flexible films used in food packaging solutions that reduce resource consumption and are recyclable.
Food contact true

PCR content, Recyclable, Food contact, Flexibles, Source reduced, Sustainable facilities

TC Transcontinental Packaging
Booth #N-8703
TC will showcase its VieVERTe® product line that is made from recycled plastic waste for both non-food and food contact products, and BPI certified industrial compostable products.
Food contact true

PCR content, Recyclable, Food contact, Flexibles, Source reduced, Sustainable facilities

Takigawa Corporation America
Booth #N-3385
Takigawa Corporation will be showcasing its environmentally friendly plastic packaging that is recyclable, biodegradable, and made from plant based materials.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Fiber-based, PCR content, Biodegradable, Flexibles, Food contact

Technology Container Corp
Booth #LU-6758
Technology Container Corp. will show its complete line of recyclable agricultural boxes made from fluted polypropylene resin. These corrugated plastic boxes are an ideal replacement for waxed corrugated boxes.
Food contact true

Pallets & Transport, Recyclable, Food contact

Booth #LU-7564
Tentoma will highlight its RoRo StretchPack® technology that provides a tight packaging of the product, providing film-saving by up to 60% or more compared to conventional packaging solutions (orbital wrapping, heat shrink, stretch wrapping). The tubular PE-film is 100% recyclable.
Food contact false

Pallets & Transport, Flexibles, Recyclable

Booth #N-22009
Terphane will promote its Ecophane® line, made up of rPET, produced with at least 30% post-consumer recycled PET resin (PCR); bPET, an innovative biodegradable film, with technology that allows degradation in landfill conditions.
Food contact true

Flexibles, Food contact, PCR content, Biodegradable

Tetra Pak Inc,
Booth #N-2140
Tetra Pak will showcase its food sustainable packaging solutions, made from plant-based materials, that are responsibly sourced and recyclable.
Food contact true

Food contact, Recyclable, Bio-based, Flexibles, Rigid containers

The HC Companies
Booth #N-28006
The HC Companies will promote its molded pulp growing containers that are recyclable and break down within two years.
Food contact false

Fiber-based, Recyclable, Biodegradable, Sustainable facilities

Booth #N-22062
Tipa-Corp will showcase its compostable packaging made of fully renewable sources, and uses renewable bio-based sources where the market offers a viable polymer.
Food contact true

Bio-based, Compostable, Flexibles, Food contact

Booth #N-6179
Treston will highlight its BiOX, the first sustainable wood-based bioplastic storage bin that is carbon-neutral with over 90% wood-based renewable material, residue from pulp production process, and cellulose fibers from sustainably managed forests.
Food contact false

Fiber-based, Bio-based

Trimurti Polychem Pvt. Ltd
Booth #N-25065
Trimurti will promote its sustainable packaging solutions via the go-green initiative through recyclable, bio-degradable, and compostable materials including compostable & biodegradable bags.
Food contact true

Bio-degradable, Recyclable, Food contact, E-commerce, Rigid containers, Compostable, Flexibles

UPM Raflatac
Booth #S-3942
UPM Raflatac will display its sustainable renewable & recyclable pressure-sensitive labels.
Food contact false

Flexibles, Recyclable

UPM Specialty Papers
Booth #W-25027
UPM Specialty Papers will display its sustainable packaging and label papers that deliver easy printability, impeccable performance and high shelf appeal.
Food contact true

Fiber-based, Food contact, Recyclable

Booth #LL-10011
UNIGREEN Packaging will display its compostable bags and films. The product range also includes 100% biodegradable and compostable product made from corn starch and organic waste, with no use of plastic.
Food contact true

Biodegradable, Bio-based, Flexibles, Food contact

Booth #N-9419
V-SHAPES will showcase its single-use packaging (for food, cosmetics, pharma & chemical) that is 100% compostable, and the packet, ink and adhesives are made using 80% renewable sources.
Food contact true

Bio-degradable, Recyclable, Food contact, Flexibles

Booth #S-3866
Valmatic will showcase its vials and single-dose containers made of BPET/PE material where BPET is regenerated and comes up to 80% from the water bottles.
Food contact true

PCR  content, Food contact, Recyclable, Rigid containers

Vantage Plastics
Booth #LU-6906
Vantage Plastics will display its egg pallets and plastic pallets products that are Recyclable, Reusable, Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly, and Returnable at the end of their useful life cycle.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Pallets & Transport, Food contact

Vishal Containers Ltd
Booth #N-22016
Vishal Containers will promote its Sustainable Recycle Ready CIRCUPACK range of flexible packaging using some of the most advanced Green technologies like Electron Beam from Energy Science Inc and Barrier Coating Tech.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Flexibles, Food contact

Booth #N-4971
Visstun will showcase its sustainable cups and containers made with 35% Sustana EnviroLife™ Post-Consumer Recycled Fiber, and the plastic cups, which are 100% recyclable, reusable, and dishwasher safe.
Food contact true

Recyclable, PCR content, Fiber-based, Food contact, Sustainable facilities

Volm Companies, Inc
Booth #N-7935
Volm Companies will promote its wide range of sustainable bags, pouches & rollstock solutions made from Bio Fabric, Fiber Trays, Compostable Fabrics, and are eco-friendly.
Food contact true

Bio-based, Fiber-based, Recyclable, Food contact, Flexibles

WEIMA America
Booth #N-8464
WEIMA America will showcase its PÜHLER size reduction line that offers shredding and compressing machinery that can easily tie into existing production lines for clean disposal and recycling.
Food contact false

Source reduced, Sustainable facilities, Machinery, Bio-based

Booth #N-2130
WestRock will promote its paper packaging solutions made from materials that are renewable, recyclable and in some cases compostable.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Food contact, Flexibles, E-commerce, Rigid containers, Source reduced

Wexler Packaging Products
Booth #S-3842 & LU-8847
Wexler Packaging Products, Inc. will highlight its “green” solutions for the bundling and labeling process that eliminates excess packaging such as shrink wrap and inner cartons by "Going Green" with banding & linerless labels.
Food contact true

Source reduced, Pallets & Transport, Food contact

Wulftec International
Booth #S-3546
Wulftec will highlight its operations that focus on sustainability. For example: Reduced energy usage by throughput anticipation: Conveyorized automatic machines will operate at a lower speed when the throughput from the line is slower and speed up to allow production bursts. For an average production line, the energy savings would equal 20 x 40 watt lamps lit for 6 hours. Plus, reduced film waste utilizing a higher resolution positioning system to deliver the film in a more accurate quantity. This means an average film reduction of 4 feet of film per pallet when compared to other control systems.
Food contact true

Sustainable facilities, Machinery, Food contact

Zachry Engineering Corp.
Booth #LU-8206
Zachry will highlight its services to help with capacity additions, plant modernizations, environmental upgrades, as well as helping its customers navigate the energy transition toward decarbonization. Its Zachry Sustainability Solutions business has four key focus areas: Hydrogen, carbon capture and sequestration, renewable fuels and chemicals, and nuclear energy.
Food contact false

Sustainable facilities

Zacros America Inc.
Booth #W-24062
ZACROS will showcase its sustainable flexible packaging (specializing in liquid packaging), including monomaterial and multilayer packaging products, like the CUBITAINER® (bulk liquid flexible container) and flexible pouches that fit customers' sustainability requirements.
Food contact true

Flexibles, Food contact, Recyclable

Booth #W-28008
Zume will highlight its compostable, molded fiber food service products.
Food contact true

Food contact, Compostable, Fiber-based

Zummit Plastics
Booth #W26050
Zummit will show its BIO-Zummit highly efficient Biodegradable-Enhanced*Clear or GreenTinted Stretch Film (Hand, Machine and Pre stretch). It is made with a unique hi technology additive that promotes biodegradation by breaking apart the chain of the polymer, helping to reintegrate it into the ecosystem.
Food contact true

Biodegradable,  Flexibles, Bio-based, Food contact

iGPS Logistics
Booth #N-6844
iGPS Logistics will promote its 100% recyclable plastic pallets that are up to 35% lighter, more durable and have 4x the lifespan of wood pallets.
Food contact false

Pallets & Transport, Recyclable, Source reduced, Sustainable facilities

tesa tape
Booth #W-28051
tesa tape will display its sustainable splicing & packaging tapes using recycled and bio-based materials.
Food contact false

Flexibles, Fiber-based, Recyclable, Bio-based