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PMMI Media Group has reviewed and curated a targeted list of exhibitors and content on packaging & processing sustainability. Click on the buttons on the left side to narrow the list of exhibitors. Also be sure to check out the sustainability-related educational sessions at the show, as well as how we are making the show itself more sustainable.

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Beyond the package

3M- Scotch
Booth #W-23007
Scotch™ Brand will showcase its sustainable alternative to plastic bubble, Scotch™ Cushion Lock™ Protective Wrap. This durable all-in-one expanding paper wrap cushions, immobilizes and conforms to item for proven protection during shipping.
Food contact false

Pallets & Transport, Fiber-based

48forty Solutions, LLC
Booth #N-6840
48forty Solutions will promote its recycled wooden pallets that are available in both common and custom specifications.
Food contact false

Pallets & Transport, Recyclable, Source reduced, Sustainable Facilities

Aeris Protective Packaging, Inc
Booth #N-27076
AERIS will highlight its eco-friendly inflatable air-chamber packaging designed to protect your products easily, cost-effectively and completely during e-commerce shipping.
Food contact false

Flexibles, Recyclable, E-commerce

AirWave Packaging, Inc
Booth #N-10400
AirWave Packaging will be showcasing its thin air cushion recyclable films (as thin as 0,5mil), that save tons of CO2 used in the production of heavy packaging materials such as paper or Styrofoam.
Food contact false

Recyclable, Flexible, Pallets & Transport, Compostable

Airguard Packaging
Booth #N-21003
Airguard Packaging will display its Air Cushion System of air-filled protective packaging that is fully recyclable and reusable.
Food contact false

Recyclable, Flexibles, E-commerce

Airlite Plastics
Booth #N-22025
Airlite Plastics will showcase its containers and lids for packaging food products and cups that are 100% recyable and reusable.
Food contact false

Recyclable, PCR Content, Source reduced, Rigid containers, Trays, Sustainable Facilities

Alliance Rubber Co.
Booth #N-5581
Alliance Rubber will highlight its sustainable, reusable rubber brands for use in produce packaging.
Food contact true

Food contact, Source reduced

Amcor Flexibles
Booth #S-3705, #S-3814
Amcor Flexibles will display its AmPrima™ PE Plus portoflio of recycle ready solutions, which include 1) The first and only 100% metal free, recycle ready solution for the fast growing dry and powdered mixes category, 2) The first high-speed, recycle ready solution for flow wrap applications for wet wipes, 3) The first high-speed, heat-resistant recycle ready film for shredded cheese pouching.
Food contact true

Food contact, Flexibles, Source reduced, Recyclable

American Fuji Seal
Booth #S-3748
American Fuji Seal will show its Recshrink TM* recyclable shrink sleeve labels, linerless pressure sensitive materials and application machines, plus mono material pouches.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Food contact, Source reduced

Andex Industries
Booth #S-4030
Andex Industries will highlight its clamshell, bliste, and tray products made from recycled sources, environmentally friendly inks, and source reduced.
Food contact false

PCR  content, Source reduced

AptarGroup, Inc
Booth #N-4740
AptarGroup will be showcasing its all-plastic recyclable packaging solutions for the beauty, food, beverage, personal & home care, and pharma sectors.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Rigid containers, Source reduced, Sustainable facilities, E-commerce, Food contact

Aripack, Inc
Booth #N-3856
Aripack will be promoting its flexible packaging produced entirely with polyethylene to achieve moisture and oxygen barriers and easy recyclability.
Food contact true

Recyleable, Rigid containers, Flexibles, Biodegradable, Food contact, Source reduced, PCR content

Avery Dennison
Booth #LL-9830
Avery Dennison will display its Ecotach Elastic Staple and Ecotach Plastic Staple products that help companies save costs and plastic waste by replacing bulky and expensive blister packs and clam shells with degradable staples.
Food contact true

Food contact, Compostable, Source reduced

BAG Packaging
Booth #LU-8656
BAG Packaging will highlight its e-commerce poly mailer bags that are 80% recyclable.
Food contact false

E-commerce, Recyclable, Flexibles

BI-AX International Inc.
Booth #N-25033
BI-AX International will be showcasing its EVLON® compostable plastic film, made from NatureWorks® or Total Corbion bio-polymer.
Food contact true

Compostable, Bio-based, Biodegradable, Flexibles, Food contact

Be Green Packaging LLC
Booth #N-28017
Be Green Packaging will be showcasing its certified sustainable fiber packaging, compostable, and recyclable options.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Biodegradable, Food contact, Fiber-based, Bio-based, Compostable, Rigid containers, E-commerce

BeardowAdams, Inc
Booth #N-4870
BeardowAdams will promote its bio-based and high-performance water-based adhesives.
Food contact false

Recyclable, Biobased, Flexibles, E-commerce

Berry Global
Booth #N-4727
Berry Global will highlight its circular economy solutions for various projects including packages made from recycled content, reusable/refillable containers, and packs made from renewable resources.
Food contact true

Recyclable,  Food contact, Flexibles, Rigid containers

CL&D Graphics
Booth #N-5432
CL& D Graphics will display its Crystallizable PET Shrink Sleeves with Washable Inks - A Shrink Sleeve label that gets recycled with the PETE container.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Flexibles, Food contact

Caulmet Carton Company
Booth #N-8948
Calumet Carton will display its frustration-free packaging for e-commerce that ensures easy fulfillment, easy open/close, as well as 100% recyclable options.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Fiber-based, Food contact

Booth #N-21035
Celanese will promote its BioPolymer Solutions family of bio-based and biodegradable resins and films engineered as alternatives to traditional petroleum-based plastics.
Food contact false

Recyclable, Bio-based, Compostable, Source reduced, Flexibles, Rigid containers, Fiber-based, Sustainable facilities

Celplast Metallized Products Limited
Booth #N-25023
Celplast Metallized Products Limited will be showcasing its high barrier films for layer elimination, environmentally friendly films with post-consumer recycled content and bio-based films.
Food contact true

Flexibles, PCR content, Bio-based, E-commerce, Food contact

Charter Next Generation
Booth #N-24001
Charter Next Generation will be promoting its GreenArrow™ platform of sustainable films.
Food contact true

Flexibles, PCR Content, Recyclable, Compostable, Food contact

Booth #N-9800
ClearBags will showcase a number of different eco-friendly bags, cases, and boxes including compostable & fully recyclable options.
Food contact true

Compostable, Recyclable, Food contact, Flexibles

Booth #N-3766
Clysar will showcase its recyclable Clysar® EVO™ films, prequalified for the How2Recycle® Store Drop-Off label.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Food contact, Flexibles, Pallets & Transport

Coim USA, Inc
Booth #N-8103
Coim USA will promote its Novacote® line that consists of compostable adhesives and coatings used for flexible multilayer laminates for both food and industrial use.
Food contact true

Compostable, Recyclable, Food contact, Flexibles

Constantia Flexibles
Booth #S-2696
Constantia Flexibles will dislpay its recyclable EcoLam mono PE laminate for use in a circular economy.
Food contact true

Flexibles, Recyclable, Food contact

Curti USA
Booth #W20006
Curti will highlight its Circular Economy division, which operates in the fields of energy saving and the recycling of raw materials with a circular economy perspective and, to date, has built two patent-protected pilot plants, for tire recycling and for the conversion of biomass into electricity.
Food contact false

Sustainable facilities

Cycletech Environmental Technologies Limited
Booth #N-28010
Cycletech Environmental Technologies Limited will be showcasing its packaging solutions using molded bamboo fiber pulps, thermoformed bamboo fiber powder, and ocean plastics that are 100% compostable.
Food contact true

Bio-based, Biodegradable, Compostable, Food contact, Rigid containers

Booth #S-4056
Cyklop will highlight its sustainable strapping, wrapping, and taping products that aim to reduce waste and utilize recyclable materials.
Food contact false

Recyclable,  Flexibles, Pallets & Transport, Sustainable facilities

Booth #N-25051
DIPCO will showcase its bio-based disposable ink pan, fountain, and drip tray liners for package printing.
Food contact false

Bio-based, Rigid containers, Trays, Sustainable facilities

DS Smith North America Packaging and Paper
Booth #N-24034
DS Smith North America Packaging and Printing will promote its fully recyclable corrugated packaging for the food/beverage, consumer goods and e-commerce space.
Food contact false

Recyclable, Rigid containers, E commerce, Pallets & Transport, PCR Content

Davik Self-Adhesive Tapes
Booth #N-5982
Davik will highlight its Carry Handle Tapes, including GreenCarry, a paper-based carry handle supporting the brand's mission to have a positive impact on the environment.
Food contact false


Dhwani Polyprints Pvt Ltd
Booth #N-27047
Dhwani will highlight its custom polymailers and bags made with up to 100% recycled content.
Food contact false

Flexibles, Recyclable, E-commerce

Display Supply & Lighting
Booth #LU-6856
DS&L will show its LOGISTRAP® straps that are the ideal reusable product to replace shrink wrap for securing materials to pallets for shipping and for the storage of materials in warehouses.
Food contact false

Machinery, Pallets & Transport

Booth #N-21007
Doloop will promote its customizable PET bottles manufactured in a closed PET cycle, as well as the fact that 100% of the energy used comes from renewable energy sources.
Food contact true

Recyclable, PCR content, Food contact, Rigid containers, Sustainable facilities

Booth #LL-10504
EAD will highlight its services that design, build, and support environmentally friendly facilities, to minimize environmental impacts, conserve natural resources and provide effective environmental stewardship.
Food contact false

Sustainable facilities

Booth #LU-7841
Easysnap Technology, the creator of Easysnap�, a single serve pack with a worldwide patented opening system, will highlight its recyclable, paper-based version.
Food contact true

Fiber-based, Food contact, Recyclable

Booth #N-22010
ECORRCRATE will be showcasing its crates that are up to made from renewable resources, are 75% lighter than a traditional wood crate, and are easy to recycle.
Food contact false

Recyclable, Pallets & Transport, Rigid containers, Fiber-based

Booth #N-5381
EFP will highlight its expanded foam protective packaging that is 100% recyclable and 98% air.
Food contact false

Recyclable,  Pallets & Transport

EPLAST America, Inc.
Booth #N-8203
EPLAST America will promote its EL-ZIP® brand zippers; available in over 250 different styles from 3 – 50 mm wide with sealing capability to PE, CPP, and OPP sealing layers.
Food contact true

Compostable, Bio-based, Flexibles, Food contact, Recyclable

Edibel USA Packaging Solutions
Booth #W-23070
Edibel USA Packaging Solutions will show its one-stop packaging solutions for package designing, mold-tool designing, package production sampling/testing, and mass products manufacturing that includes eco-friendly and plastic-free packaging products.
Food contact true

Food contact, Bio-based, Rigid packaging

Electrosteam Generator
Booth #LU-8415
Electro-Steam will showcase its eco-friendly steam generators and sanitation systems that clean without harmful, toxic chemicals and drastically reduce the amount of water used to clean and sanitize, further reducing waste-water discharge.
Food contact false

Sustainable facilities

Endupack SA
Booth #LU-8532
Endupack will show its anti-slip paper and non-slip sheets for packaging and pallet protection that are recyclable and reusable.
Food contact false

Recyclable, Fiber-based, Pallets & Transport

Booth #N-8462
Evanesce will be showing its food packaging products made from its Molded Starch Technology that uses upcycled plant-based by-products, is 100% compostable, and decomposes in 90 days or less.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Biodegradable, Food contact, Bio-based, Trays

Booth #N-10606
Everactive will be showcasing its micro-renewable energy solutions and its low-power energy harvesting and wireless technology, enabling completely batteryless and always-on Internet of Things systems.
Food contact false

Bio-based, Source reduced, Machinery

Evergreen Resources, Inc
Booth #N-24047
Evergreen Resources will be showcasing its wide range of tubes and food containers made from biodegradable materials and post-consumer resin products.
Food contact true

PCR content, Biodegradable, Rigid containers, Food contact

Evolve Packaging
Booth #LU-6850
Evolve Packaging will highlight its Right-Size Reusable Packaging to specifically target supply chain waste by optimizing container height, pack/trailer density, lead time, product identification and more to reduce the amount of packaging moving through your supply chain.
Food contact false

Sustainable facilities

Fabbri Group
Booth #LU-8449
Fabbri Group will display its bio-based and compostable film options for use with food packaging.
Food contact true

Bio-based, Food contact, Flexibles, Compostable

Felins USA, Inc
Booth #N-19019-8318
Felins USA will be showcasing its packaging solutions for all bundling applications using sustainable packaging machinery like semi-automated and fully-automated banding systems, shrink wrapping machines, automatic and semi-automatic tying machines, automatic sleeving machines, adhesive-free labeling machines, and more.
Food contact false

PCR content, Recyclable, Machinery, Flexibles, Rigid containers

Fibercel Packaging
Booth #N-25006
Fibercel Packaging will promote its FiberStax brand of Roll Cradles that are at 100% recyclable and biodegradable, and can support roll diameters from 5" up to 40".
Food contact false

PCR content, Recyclable, Flexibles, Biodegradable, Rigid containers, Trays

FilmLOC, Inc
Booth #N-6809
FilmLOC will showcase the INTELLI-PLAC®, placard label holders for reusable containers, which are made with no silicone top coating and can be recycled with plastic containers.
Food contact false

Recyclable, Flexibles

Fords Packaging Systems
Booth #N-6148
Fords Packaging Systems will highlight its award-winning closure with improved lightweighting and made for easier recycling for PET bottles.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Food contact, Source reduced

Fresh-Lock By Presto Products
Booth #N-3541
Fresh-Lock will introduce its first compostable closure in the 8000 series, Fresh-Lock® zipper style 8015. The zipper is made with 100% certified compostable resins (zipper certification pending) and is FDA approved for food contact applications.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Flexibles, Food contact, Compostable,

Georg Utz, Inc
Booth #N-5269
Georg Utz will highlight its carbon-neutral, plastic returnable transport packaging.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Food contact, Sustainable facilities, Pallets & Transport, Rigid containers

Glenroy, Inc
Booth #N-4323
Glenroy will showcase its TruRenu™ sustainable flexible packaging portfolio featuring store drop-off recyclable & post-consumer recycled options.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Flexibles, PCR content, Food contact, Sustaiable facilities

Good Natured Products, Inc
Booth #N-21015
Good Natured Products will be showcasing its various sustainable, plant-based trays, cups, and clamshells.
Food contact true

Bio-based, Rigid containers, Food contact, Biodegradable, Sustainable facilities, Trays

Graphic Packaging International
Booth #N-1713
Graphic Packaging International will promote its sustainable paperboard solutions like KeelClip™, PaperSeal®, ecotainer™, ProducePack™ or Z-Flute™.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Rigid containers, Sustainable faclilities, Trays, Food contact

Green Current Solutions
Booth #LU-6862
Green Current Solutions, a start-up plastic injection molding company, will discuss its focus on sustainability and the utilization of recycled plastics in its plastic products.
Food contact false

Recyclable, Rigid containers, PCR content

Green Dot Bioplastics
Booth #W-26072
Green Dot Bioplastics, Inc. will highlight its Terratek® line of bioplastics for use in rigid and flexible packaging, developed to meet the growing demand for bio-based and compostable materials with fewer of the drawbacks associated with traditional plastics.
Food contact true

Bio-based,  Food contact, Flexibles, Rigid containers, Fiber-based

Grip Sheet America
Booth #LU-8532
Grip Sheet America will display its flexible non-slip tier sheets made from recycled paper coated with high friction dots to prevent load shifting.
Food contact false

Pallets & Transport, Fiber-based, PCR content

Booth #LU-7841
Gualapack will display its compostable, bio-based and recyclable laminates, pouches, sachets, and bags.
Food contact true

Flexibles, Bio-based, Recyclable, Food contact

Guangzhou Yucai Color Printing Co., Ltd.
Booth #W-28022
Guangzhou Yucai will display its recyclable and biodegradable flexible packaging options for a variety of industries.
Food contact true

Flexible packaging, Biodegradable, Food contact, Bio-based, Recyclable

H.B. Fuller Company
Booth #N-24050
H.B. Fuller will showcase its sustainable fiber-based adhesive solution that recycles directly with the board and adds usable fiber to the recycling stream, supporting the circular economy.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Food contact, Sustainable facilities, Fiber-based

Halopack Americas
Booth #N-24063
Halopack will promote its fully gas-tight cardboard food packaging solutions that is easy to recycle.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Food contact, Trays, PCR content, Source reduced

Hexcelpack, LLC
Booth #N-21029
Hexcelpack will showcase its eco-friendly packing products for e-commerce shipping like void fill, wrap & mailing solutions.
Food contact false


Holland Packaging
Booth #S-2988
Holland Packaging will highlight its shrink bundlers that deliver real benefits by reducing the need for corrugated materials.
Food contact false


Honeypack / Grip
Booth #W-25070
Honeypack will highlight its Paperpack, 100% compostable paper air pillow film made from 100% recyclable materials, as well as its Plantpack compostable air pillow film made from bio-based plastic.
Food contact false

Bio-based,  Recyclable, Flexibles, Biodegradable

Hotpack Global
Booth #W-25066
Hotpack will highlight its eco-friendly food packaging including recyclable paper-based, aluminum, plastic, and even wood/pulp products.
Food contact true

Food contact, Recyclable, Fiber-based

Booth #N-27012
Hutamaki will showcase its molded fiber plates and bowls, made from 100% pre-consumer recycled materials.
Food contact true

Food contact, Recyclable, Fiber-based, Sustainable facilities, Rigid containers, Trays

ID Plastics, LP
Booth #N-6959
ID Plastics will showcase its lightweight & resuable ID PACK sleeve pack system.
Food contact false

Pallets & Transport, Recyclable

ILLIG Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
Booth #-24046
With its comprehensive packaging development approach, "Pactivity® 360", ILLIG highlight how it supports packaging manufacturers in designing recyclable applications and new lamination techniques for molded fiber and cardboard.
Food contact true

Food contact, Recyclable, Fiber-based

IML Containers North America
Booth #N-24048
IML Containers will be promoting its 100% recyclable food packaging solutions.
Food contact true

Food contact, Recyclable, Rigid containers

Booth #S-2514
INTECMA will highlight its ZERO Technology series that can be applied to all tools contained in a form, fill and seal machine. Using longer maintenance intervals reduces maintenance costs, increases the performance of the machine and, thanks to the special technology, the tools have a longer life cycle. By using the tools from ZERO Technology, a quick changeover from PS (Polysterene) to more recyclable materials such as PET, PP and PLA can be realized.
Food contact false

Machinery, Sustainable facilities

Booth #N-21027
ITP, USA will be promoting its wide variety of sustainable films including compostable options, PCR tissue film, and monomaterial film made for recycling.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Compostable, PCR content, Food contact, Rigid containers, Flexibles, Sustainable facilities

Booth #S-4051
Iconotech will highlight its eco-friendly on-demand printing platform that uses only water-based ink and supplies that are food-grade and environmentally friendly, but also reduce waste by allowing companies to print only what they need.
Food contact true

Food contact, Sustainable facilities

Idemitsu Unitech Co.
Booth #N-5681
Indemitsu Unitech will highlight its PLALOC™ Eco-friendly packaging zipper, which is has “recyclable", "biomass", and "biodegradability."
Food contact true

Recyclables, Food contact, Flexibles, Biodegradable

Impackt Packaging Solutions
Booth #N-8901
Impackt Packaging will show its range of poly bubble mailers, tapes and more for e-commerce fulfillment including ENVIO™ Poly Mailers made from 100% recycled materials.
Food contact false

Recyclable, Flexibles, E-commerce

Independent Can Company
Booth #N-28004
Independent Can Company will showcase its various, customizable, 100% steel cans.
Food contact true

Food contact, Rigid containers, Recyclable, Sustainable faclilities

Innova Group Packaging Solutions
Booth #LU-8662
Innova Group will highlight its stretch hood pallet wrapping system, the most sustainable packaging solution. Stretch Hood provides total load protection and savings in consumables and energy, compared to other similar solutions.
Food contact false


Innovative Packaging Solutions
Booth #S-4235
Innovative Packaging Solutions will highlight its sustainable flexible packaging options: recycle ready, bio-based, PCR content
Food contact true

Flexibles, Food contact, Bio-based, Recyclable, PCR content

International Paper
Booth #N-4743
International Paper will showcase its renewable, fiber-based & corrugated packaging products and promote its recycling services.
Food contact false

Fiber-based, Recyclable, E-commerce, Rigid containers, Sustainable facilities

Jura Films North America, LLC
Booth #N-25056
Jura Films will showcase its polyethylene, ionomer, Bio-based, and Bio-degradable flexible packaging lidding films, pouches, and bags.
Food contact false

Bio-based, Biodegradable, Recyclable, Flexibles

Booth #LU-6917
Kal-Polymers will discuss its role as a leading compounder of recycled plastics. The company has technology for compounding packaging scrap like film, sheets, tubes, coating, and lamination into reusable pellets.
Food contact false

Sustainable facilities

Kamps Pallets
Booth #N-6848
Kamps Pallets will showcase high quality recycled pallets, new custom pallets, and comprehensive pallet services, which include national pallet recycling and pallet management.
Food contact false

Recyclable, Pallets & Transport

Kav Imports LLC
Booth #LL-9602
Kav Imports will showcase its recyclable & biodegradable plastic packaging.
Food contact false

Recyclable, Flexibles, Biodegradable, Bio-based

Booth #LU-8239
Kimpack will highlight its environmentally conscious "Biodegradable" flexible packaging. These innovative products, which are also suitable for recycling, deteriorate in nature between 12-24 months depending on the ambient conditions.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Biodegradable, Flexibles, Food contact

Klockner Pentaplast
Booth #W-16018, W-24022
Klockner Pentaplast will display its food trays made from up to 100% recycled PET. The kp Tray2Tray® programme is an initiative to recover and separate used food packaging and turn it back into more of the same.
Food contact true

Recyclable, PCR content, Food contact

Knack Packaging
Booth #S-4363
Knack Packaging will highlight its 100% recyclable flexible products and its Green Energy use for its manufacturing plant that reduces carbon footprint.
Food contact false

Machinery, Sustainable facilities, Flexibles

Labelcraft Products Ltd
Booth #N-26055
Labelcraft Products will promote its Recyclable EnviroLiner, which is the only label release liner made of 100% post-consumer waste that can be recycled in local recycling facilities.
Food contact false

Recyclable, Flexibles, PCR content, Sustainable facilities

Lacerta Group Inc.
Booth #W-27054
Lacerta Group will highlight its food package containers from 100% Post Consumer Plastic (PCR).
Food contact true

Recyclable, Food contact, PCR content

Lako Tool & Manufacturing
Both #N-6153
Lako will highlight its sealing expertise to assist companies in reaching their sustainability initiatives and goals through ultrasonic sealing technology. Some of the green benefits of ultrasonic sealing are: • it's compatible with most new recyclable and bio-based films • Reduce film use (between 10-15% film savings on pillow bags) • Reduce waste with the ability to seal through product contamination.
Food contact true

Machinery, Bio-based, Flexibles, Food contact

Booth #N-23035
Lifoam will showcase its Envirocooler™ EVG pack, which utilizes additive-infused expanded polystyrene (EPS) that breaks down in a landfill in less than four years.
Food contact false

Bio-based, Compostable, Rigid containers, E-commerce, Sustainable facilities, Biodegradable

Booth #N-4918
Liquibox will promote its Liquipure® portfolio of recycle-ready flexible packaging for bag-in-box applications.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Flexibles, Food contact

Booth #LU-6955
Loadhog will display its returnable packaging solutions that aim for a circular economy through a sustainable supply chain.
Food contact true

Pallets  & Transport, Food contact, Sustainable facilities

MGS Machine Corp.
Booth #S-2501
MGS Machine Corp will highlight its services to creatively manipulate product into smaller secondary packaging, reducing waste across the supply chain. The company also engineers machinery capable of working with increased recycled content and/or mono material packaging. 3. Improve energy consumption on Packaging Equipment.
Food contact false


Booth #LU-8928
MFT-CKF Inc. will display its molded pulp/molded fiber packaging solutions made from 100% recycled material. The cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions reduce labor and save space while providing superior protection at every stage of a product’s sales cycle.
Food contact false

PCR content, Fiber-based, Pallets & Transport

Booth #W-27075
Melodea provides innovative bio-based solutions for paints, coatings, barriers, and other applications for the food, beverage, and healthcare industries.
Food contact true

Bio-based, Biodegradable, Food contact

Metsa Board
Booth #N-24010
Metsa Board will showcase its lightweight and high-quality recyclable folding boxboards, food service boards, and white Kraft liners, as well as paperboards produced primarily from renewable wood fiber.
Food contact true

Recyclable, Compostable, Fiber-based, Rigid containers, Flexibles, Food contact

Mirage Industries
Booth #W-27013
Mirage Industries will highlight its P.E.T. recycling units.
Food contact false

Sustainable facilities, Recyclable